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Pain care hospital in Gujarat – Spinetics is the best Spine Endoscopy Hospital in Gujarat. We believe that no matter illness and injuries try to get in your way, spinetics is as your partner in living a healthy life. The motto of the spinetics hospital is to live without pain. Everyone once in lifetime suffered from back pain.

Those to understand the disease and take care of the rest of life can avoid the surgery. As a result, remaining end up into the vicious cycle of pain. Down the line, such patient develops chronic pain syndrome due to simple untreated Back Pain.


We deals with such chronic pain. Pain due to any cause like Disc Herniation or slipped disc. Previously it was called Sciatica. Similarly pain due to facetal arthropathy. Even post spine surgery patients having pain due to fibrosis. Likewise newer lesion at another disc. For the result that in such cases, we provide state of art and worldwide approved Spine Interventional Procedures. Similarly radio frequency, laser, ozone nucleolysis,  endoscopic spine procedure for the surgical spine.

Most noteworthy such all Interventional Procedure are daycare procedure and won’t require hospitalization for long. Even early resume to duty without pain possible. Furthermore, it is blessings for those patients who are old aged and not for anesthesia during surgery.

For all age groups, we have done treatment pediatric to geriatric age likewise.
Almost all are stitchless procedures.

Pain specialist doctor – Dr. Kiran Jayswal

Dr. Kiran Jayswal is an established and highly skilled Intensivist, Anesthesiologist and Endoscopic Spine Surgeon in Gujarat. Most noteworthy, He is working exclusively for spine and joint pain since last 14 years. Furthermore, he has successfully accomplished more than 3500 Spinal blocks for spine pain and over 2500 Intradiscal Interventions with Ozone, RF, Stryker Devices etcetera.

  • Academically he has devoted more than a decade in pursuit of knowledge. Starting with completion of MBBS in 2001 from Govt. Medical College, Rajkot. Also Post Graduate Diploma in Ortho from College Of Physician & Surgeon, Mumbai in 2018. Even more, he has dedicated himself to providing his patients with the best medical care.
  • Spine Physician Dr. Kiran Jayswal commenced his career in 2004 at Lokhat General Hospital, Surat, as an Anesthesiologist. Since then he has accomplished various milestones and finally in 2012 started own Pain Management Hospital, first in Surat. Similarly second in Anand named SPINETICS- AN ADVANCED INTERVENTIONAL PAIN MANAGEMENT AND REHAB CENTRE. Consequently Baroda, Bardoli in Gujarat.

Above all, in 2013, he completed a Spine Endoscopic workshop and started Transforaminal Spine Endoscopic Discectomy and Foraminoplasty under Local Anesthesia – One of the Pioneers Pain Management Physician in Gujarat.

His hospital SPINETICS – Pain Management provides various treatments for spine-related pain and disorders more than palliative pain management for almost 8 years.

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